Tuesday 27th December 2022

Black Hill Car Park: 3 Jubilee Drive, Malvern, United Kingdom



A Complimentary event from our Founder and Director Jason Bowen...
We all become victim to mental health issues of one kind or another in our lives. Some a lot worse than others however they are all tributaries from the same source in which we have manifested into our neurology with various outcomes from person to person. The fact of the matter remains that regardless of the symptoms or effects they play out in us, there are some fundamental principles that can help to supress or even irradicate stress hormones that cause the damage physically and mentally. Symptoms can be caused by various anomalies in life, such as bereavement, Trauma, bad habits, bad news, relationship issues and the list goes on. What's important to say here is it really doesn't matter the prognosis as the mechanisms to suppress the stress hormones remain the same.
Introducing - REBOOT
There are two main attributes to combat these neurological imbalances that make us feel depressed, anxious, nervous or alone. These are... EXERCISE and SOCIAL INTERACTION. To that end I have formulated a series of events that will embrace both.
I have been running TSFE now for 8 years and feel I want to give something back to society that I feel can benefit those who need my help. By statistics that would be 1 in 4 of you at any one time.
That said, I am opening this up to anyone who thinks they will benefit from it. So maybe if you can't afford events and feel you could do with getting out in the outdoors to meet likeminded people or you've suddenly found yourself alone with no one to engage with. Maybe a relationship has ran its course and you've suddenly found yourself all dressed up and nowhere to go or no one to turn or talk to. Maybe you just want to get out of the house and meet others of the same ilk.
Whatever the reason this is your opportunity to come for a bimble across the hills, meet others and have a chat over a hillside brew.
So how will this work?
• Tickets will become available that will be free of charge but will have a restriction of numbers so get in there quick
• This will take place once per month. Usually, the last Saturday of the every month.
• The duration will be one day only.
• No accommodation or food will be provided.
• There is absolutely no money exchanging hands and no charity involvement either.
• I will pick a new location every month to cater for the whole UK.
• Notifications will initially be via the Members RV group with a link to the ticketing system, however an independent website is forthcoming.
• Each walk will be somewhere between 10km - 15km in distance. The pace will be based on the group, but we are not here to thrash anyone. That's not the point.
• Once you sign up for free you will be provided with simple Joining Instructions that will mainly contain a kit list for you to adhere to.
• You will be expected to bring some form of packed lunch, snacks and water for the duration of the day as we will be walking in areas where there are no shops or facilities.
I want to try and keep the group to a maximum of around 20 persons per outing. So, if you want to get involved be sure to sign up as soon as tickets become available. I will be providing the first two trips together. The dates and locations as follows:
• Saturday 27th November - Brecon Beacons
• Monday 27th December - Malvern Hills
Future dates for 2022 will be announced later.
As mentioned above this is my way of paying something back to society and help people to get out in the fresh air and have some banter whilst moving their bodies. Maybe I can even dispense some advice along the way.

Event details and schedule

A guided walk by our Founder and Director Jason Bowen.

Meet at Pont ar Daf Car Park at 0900hrs. Jason will give a shot briefing before a guided walk around the Central Beacons Area. Be sure to have all your mandatory kit in your pack including your lunch, water and any snacks. A full list is including within your Joining Instructions. If you have not received these via email then please email us on 

Wear comfortable outdoors clothing with worn in boots. As mentioned above be sure to have all your mandatory equipment to cater for all weathers.  

This event is FREE of charge and is meant to help those who would struggle finanacially or by means of any stigmatism attached to mental health that would otherwise keep them housebound. This is Jason's way of saying thank you to the community and helping those who struggle to meet people in a great outdoors setting. 

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